“All things EV” by HDFC ERGO: All you need to know about ‘All Things EV’, India’s First EV Ecosystem


All Thinks EV

All Things EV: HDFC Ergo Launches India’s First EV Ecosystem. HDFC has launched “All Things EV”, India’s first one-stop solution portal for the electric vehicles ecosystem. ‘All Things EV’ aims to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by addressing the needs of current and future EV owners.

Key Features

  1. Total Number of EV Vehicle sales in India for both Two-Wheelers & Four-Wheelers with real-time sales data.
  2. Earn Through EV Option: Setup Charge station unit at your own place
  3. Calculate earnings for setting up charge station and know your returns.
  4. Find out the near by stations to charge your vehicle
  5. Finding the charge station on the way
  6. Find out the list of EV Vehicle of your choice to purchase
  7. Helps to know the cost of EV Cars in India
  8. EV Insights – To know more about EV

How to Use All Things EV Portal

All Things EV

Here is the step by step guide to use All Things EV

  1. Visit Website Portal www.allthingsev.io
  2. Scan the QR Code to Launch All Things EV. [All things EV is a Mobile based App / Web App Portal]
  3. Enter your Phone Number
  4. Enter the received OTP on your mobile to Verify
  5. Get Started