Delhi’s latest report card on EV sales is impressive!


Delhi’s latest report card on EV sales is impressive! Small-sized runners, fancy cars, big brands, massive wagons, ultra luxury vehicles, but ultimately hugely polluting ones- right! The national capital of the country has all of these; they run together all at the same time on roads that may be broad but are dusty, crowded and so often cramped for space.

Are they not?

But in a city famous for its greenery, it’s quite remarkable that those cars are being regularly spotted that run on green number plates.

Well, this may not seem like some exciting news to the naysayers of EV’s that are rightly called petrolheads. But truth be told, there couldn’t be better news other than the fact that, of lately, the number of cars spotted on Delhi’s roads are green vehicles.

Electric vehicles- gladly and timely!

But is that some bold claim or a random punt?

Well, none of that where latest news reports stand. So how is that?

Where the sales figures of cars from last December, i.e., December 2022 are concerned, then it turns out that the electric vehicles constituted around 16 percent of the overall car sales in the national capital.

At a time where everyone- and rightly so- is complaining about how choked the air is, just how polluting New Delhi is, is this not a fine piece of news?

That being told, here are some insights from a recent news report published on the said subject on Zee news:

Delhi has achieved a new feat after electric vehicle (EV) sales contributed to 16.8 per cent of its overall vehicle sales in December. EV sales in Delhi during the month stood at 7,046, marking a year-on-year growth of 86 per cent.

This is the highest-ever monthly contribution among all states in the country till date, reflecting the success of the Delhi EV Policy launched in 2020. The policy was aimed at boosting the adoption of EVs and increasing the contribution to 25 per cent of all new vehicle registrations in Delhi by 2024.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the Switch Delhi campaign in February 2021 to spread awareness about the environmental benefits of using EVs and making the national capital pollution-free. The December EV sales indicate that Delhi is moving closer to its mission of achieving its target as more people are now opting for green vehicles.

Since the launch of the policy, Delhi has registered 93,239 EVs till December 31, 2022. Of these, more than 62,000 EVs were registered in 2022, signaling the increased pace of EV adoption. In comparison to 2021, there was a 141 per cent increase in EV sales in 2022.