How Is Haryana Contributing Towards India’s All-Electric Urban Mobility Future?


Haryana, Electric Urban Mobility Future – 01 Jan 2023: It’s one of the tough and most straightforward states of the country. Tough, in essence, for it has birthed patriots and freedom fighters, bravehearts who serve the armed forces as also outstanding athletes who contribute in spreading India’s soft power around the world.

But is that all? There’s more to Haryana than meets the eye; there’s more to the city that’s a commercial hub today for corporates that have everything to do, whether Real Estate, Insurance, Infrastructure or IT consulting.

Haryana, lest it is forgotten, is doing its fair bit in upping the cause of an all-electric future of the country.

Surely, the state famous for its Gurgaon has electric vehicles running aplenty, whether we talk about the Hyundai Kona electric or the MG Zs EV or the Tata Nexon.

The conscientious, forward-looking, ambitious youth-centric state of India has recently envisaged an EV policy that one hopes will only lead to a greater sale of electric vehicles in its region or territory.

So is this one of those generic statements or a well-informed punt?

Well, truth be told, neither; it’s just the direction or course that the land famous for Manohar Lal Khattar has taken and undoubtedly, for the right.

Electric Urban Mobility Future in India: For starters, what must be duly appreciated is the fact that Haryana is among the three states that are currently offering the biggest EV subsidies in India; the other two being Delhi and Maharashtra.

To elaborate more and in order to get a bigger picture of how Haryana is coming to India’s EV cause, it’s pertinent to note what the platform Saur Energy had to report:

Haryana offered one of the most generous policies for EV buyers. The new Haryana EV Policy-2022 was adopted last year to enhance the EV market share in the state. Among other targets, the policy aims to replace all forms of Government vehicles with EVs by 2024. To achieve its goals, the state government is providing incentives towards both- EV’s as well as the Hybrid EV’s.

The state is offering 15 per cent of the ex-showroom price – up to ₹3 lakh – in subsidy for HEVs in …in the price range of ₹15-40 lakh. For Hybrid Electric Cars of price range ₹40-70 lakh, the incentive is 15 per cent of the ex-showroom price (the same is up to INR 5 lakh).

The policy is even more flattering for the full-electric cars as the state offers a 15 per cent subsidy of upto INR 6 lakhs for those electric vehicles that are priced between INR 15 to 40 lakhs.  Even the premium imported EVs are subsidised for 15 per cent, up to ₹10 lakh, for electric cars in the price range of INR 40 to 70 lakh.

Having said all of that, while states like Haryana have put the green step forward in the right direction, the onus now rests on other regions of the country to emulate and do the needful towards a bright all electric future of India.

Haryana’s  Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2022: Reveals State’s EV Subsidy Rates

Price of VehiclesSubsidies
Hybrid EVs up to Rs 40 lakh.15 percent subsidy, with an upper cap of Rs 3 lakh on the subsidy.
Pure EVs Rs 15L and 40L15 percent subsidy, with an upper cap of Rs 6 lakh on the subsidy.
Imported EVs 40-70L15 percent subsidy, with an upper cape of Rs 10 lakh. (Valid for a limited period).
Electric two and three-wheelers15 percent subsidy. In addition to this, exemption from motor tax and vehicle registration charges.

Download Haryana EV policy 2022

Additional Benefits for EV in Haryana

Additional benefits for the purchase of electric vehicles in Haryana, offer valid for the first six months:

Electric VehiclesOffers
E-Rickshaw and cartsRs 25,000 off
Electric light motor vehiclesRs 50,000 off
Electric cars below Rs 10 lakhRs 75,000 off
Electric cars above Rs 10 lakh.Rs 1,00,000 off

Haryana government’s newly approved policy seems to be a huge factor in boosting EV sales in Haryana.