How Is Tata Nexon Trying To Woe The Indian Customer?


Tata Nexon Trying To Woe The Indian Customer: Truth be told, a simple search about Tata Nexon over the world’s most favoured search engine can reveal a great load of things that allude to the car’s popularity.

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Subsequently, the query would lead to a combination of several answers that make the car a compelling selling point.

The sub-4 compact SUV by the house of Tata is revered for its attractive 5-star crash test rating. Some love it for its spacious interiors that aren’t too ultra sassy but captivating in terms of looks. Then there are those among us who admire the Tata Nexon for its powerful engine options.

All of the above, it could be said, have made one of the most talked-about electric cars from the Tata stable a huge hit in the Indian market, so much so that it is currently amongst the top three models in the list of frequently sold electric vehicles in the country.

Still, there may be those who are yet to be convinced about the car. In that regard, there could be possibly nothing more compelling than a piece of development announced just hours ago by the revered carmaker that may push one to make the switch to the Nexon.

So what’s that all about? Well, here’s what you ought to know (in the words of

Indian SUV-maker Mahindra and Mahindra launched its first electric SUV, the XUV400, for a starting price of Rs 15.99 lakh, ex-showroom. Just two days have passed since then, and the SUV’s top rival the Tata Nexon sees a price drop of nearly Rs.85,000 depending on the variant.

Prime XMRs 14.99 IakhRs 14.49 IakhRs 50,000
Prime XZ+ Rs 16.30 IakhRs 15.99 IakhRs 31,000
Prime XZ+ LuxRs 17.30 IakhRs 16.99 IakhRs 31,000
Max XM3.3 kWRs 16.49 lakh 
Max XM7.2 kINRs 16.99 lakh 
Max XZ +3.3 kWRs 18.34 LakhRs 17.49 LakhRs 85,000
Max XZ +7.2 kWRs 10.84 IakhRs 17.99 IakhRs 85,000
Max XZ + (Lux)3.3 kWRs 19.34 lakhRs 18.49 IakhRs 85,000
Max XZ + (Lux)7.2 kWRs 19.84 lakhRs 18.99 IakhRs 85,000
Tata Nexon Trying To Woe The Indian Customer with price drops

The new prices for the Nexon EV come with absolutely no changes to the equipment list. However, Tata has also added a new XM trim to the Max lineup of Nexon EVs. The base variant of the Nexon EV, the Prime XM which was priced at Rs 14.99 lakh now costs Rs 50,000 less at Rs 14.49 lakh. The added benefit of the Nexon EV is the sheer number of variants available, all of which have seen price cuts at a minimum of Rs 31,000.

All of that said, perhaps what’s most interesting when it comes to the sale of electric vehicles at this time in the Indian market is their price point. For it’s that very aspect that could well lead to a sense of cannibalisation in a market where there’s both- excessive competition in terms of new car launches and also the constant tussle between adapting to an EV and the over-dependable on the ICE-models.