How Israel is contributing to the EV revolution?


Israel EV Startup: There’s never really a massive surprise when a breakthrough technology comes from the only¬†Jewish state in the world: Israel.

After all, whether it is the USB flash drive, or the world’s first instant messaging service, known as ICQ, Israel has been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation and ceaseless creativity that’s touched nearly every nook and corner of human life.

As a matter of fact, the world learnt about an Israeli firm a few months ago that could help charge an electric vehicle in no more than 15 minutes; the now-widely known Zooz Power’s system, based on the kinetic fly-wheel technology was aiming to transform the world afflicted by poor electrical grid provision.

But now, what can only be called a breaking news development sees an EV startup by the name of City Transformer hogging the limelight for all the right reasons.

City Transformers Israel
Israel EV Startup

So the first big question is how is that and what is it about the firm that we need to know?

Well, for starters, how about suggesting that the novel concept on offer by Israeli company City Transformer is an apt fit for urban cities that are marred by both- excess population and overcrowded roads?

In essence, the idea from the beating heart of the Middle East is one that could be of massive help for cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Shanghai, to quote a few footprints of the globe.

Here’s what a Reuters report had to say about a proper electric car that’s currently being shaped by the new urban mobility firm City Transformer – Israel EV Startup company:

Israeli electric vehicle (EV) startup City Transformer aims to launch production of its small urban CT-2 model in Western Europe by the end of 2024 and will soon launch a Series B funding round to raise $50 million, the company said on Monday.

Chief Executive Asaf Formoza told Reuters the company, which has so far raised $20 million, has selected a factory in Western Europe where it will have initial annual production of 15,000 vehicles, but cannot disclose its location yet.

The very fact that the company has already raised a whopping 20 million is indeed inspiring and a proof that technology that’s cutting edge will always find the means to make its way into the public life, for which it is ultimately made.

As a matter of fact, the CT-2 model, as found upon comparison, is actually lighter than the India-made Tata Nano, which too will soon be available in a new all-electric avatar.

But that being said, what the world will curiously await will be the commercialisation of the current model on offer by an Israeli firm that seems as alluring as it is dynamic.

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