How Tesla Cybertruck could again kick up a storm in the EV Truck Market?


Tesla Cybertruck: It is one of the world’s most alluring electric vehicle brands. Even as it started on 1 July, 2003, to be precise, it has already become a legacy in the realm of automobiles

And that’s just two decades of the brand being in the public eye. 

The famous brand doesn’t make cars, what it makes become household names.

Its machines are about as powerful and popular as its iconic founder: Elon Musk

Tesla, truth be told, is a signature of pathbreaking engineering and a marvel to boast. And that’s the truth.

Better Utility Than A Truck With More Performance Than A Sports Car

TESLA CyberTruck

Which is why there was little surprise that when Elon Musk himself unveiled the now-famous Cybertruck, it experienced north of 1 million bookings/ reservations in just a few hours of its public launch.

It was an event that was watched widely and with keen interest by one and all: whether auto experts, racing nerds, automotive engineering students, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs or business tycoons.

Unveiling a combination of peerless design and pathbreaking technology, the Tesla Cybertruck quickly became a cult-sort of figure on four wheels. 

Powerful and emblematic of the Tesla oomph, if it must be said. 

Having said that, there’s a latest update on the Cybertruck that’s again making news and deserves to be read by all. 

So what it is about and what do we need to be aware about Elon Musk’s widely-talked-about creation? 

That said, according to a news feature published on HT Auto, the following insights came to light with regards to the Cybertruck; 

Gary Black, a well-known Tesla investor, believes the automaker could deliver 10,000 Tesla Cybertrucks in 2023. His word of optimism comes at a time when Tesla is sailing through choppy water, and the Cybertruck remains in front of tons of questions, including how long it may take for the EV manufacturer to fill million of orders.

Tesla Cybertruck has remained one of the most anticipated and more delayed projects of the automaker. Despite unveiling it in 2019, Tesla has failed miserably to enter the Cybertruck into production, propelling people to accuse the carmaker of overpromising and under-delivering.

Furthermore, it is believed that Tesla has now received close to two million orders for the said machine. If that’s not an emphatic number- then one wonders, what is? 

Interestingly, the scheduled production for tue Cybertruck begins this very year  

Tesla, in the recent few months, has been able to ramp up its overall production numbers across the world in all its manufacturing facilities. The EV maker was nearly able to produce 50 per cent more cars in 2022 than in 2021.