Indian Oil and its big EV-related plans for the state of Andhra Pradesh!


Indian Oil EV Plan: Truth be told, the public sector enterprises of a country are akin to that diamond neck-piece that is woven with pride and is seldom off limits from the public eye. They are pretty much the engine of growth of a nation and frankly signify the indomitable spirit of a country towards building infrastructure.

In that regard, it may not be entirely incorrect to suggest that few entities of a country contribute as much towards nation building as a PSU.

Which perhaps explains why there is little doubt in that regard whenever the name of IOCL or Indian Oil is taken towards explaining the India-Shining narrative especially in this part of the 21st century.

But what’s more? 

The famous Maharatna company, which has a net income of INR 24, 491 crores (as per the latest figures) has taken a decisive plunge towards the realm of electric vehicles.

So how is that and what makes this piece of news alluring?

Endeavouring to convert its fuel stations into what’s believed to be “energy stations” of the future, the famous PSU of India plans to set up no fewer than 200 electric vehicle charging stations in the state of Andhra Pradesh within the next 12 months.

Talk of aiming big and doing so and here we have the example of the revered IOCL!

But this piece of news is further validation of the fact that Indian Oil indeed has mega plans to convert the state of Andhra Pradesh into something of a hub that can cater to (and definitely boost) India’s EV revolution.

And how’s that?

Well, at present, there are not less than 138 electric charging stations already present in the state of AP. But with IOCL planning to bring about 200 more EV charging stations, the state’s EV infrastructure will definitely benefit from a major boost!

All of that being said, here are some key insights as per a latest news report published on the widely-read Hindu newspaper on the developing story:

Speaking to reporters at the IOCL liquids storage terminal at Kondapalli on Thursday, Mr. Anil said that the State had 138 EV charging stations at present. IOCL was going to set up battery swapping stations where aluminium-air batteries which could provide a range of up to 1,000 kilometres would be made available for electric vehicle users. IOCL was going to manufacture the batteries in a plant being set up in Chennai in collaboration with a company called Phinergy. “These batteries are lightweight and not rechargeable but can provide a range of up to 1,000 kilometres after which they need to be swapped with a new one at one of our stations, which can be done within three minutes,” 

Mr. Anil said.Mr. Anil said that consumption of petrol and diesel might peak in another five years and continue for another 10 years as per reports.