MG Motor India has named its upcoming smart EV as ‘Comet’


The name “Comet” was inspired by the legendary 1934 British aircraft.

Gurugram – Building on its nearly 100-year-old legacy of producing iconic cars, MG Motor India today announced the name of its upcoming smart EV as ‘Comet’. It takes its name from the legendary British aircraft that competed in the 1934 England-Australia Macrobeltson Air Race.

The Comet has emerged at a time when driving in crowded cities is becoming a stressful task in the face of rising fuel costs, tight parking spaces and increasing pollution, calling for an agile, futuristic solution. increase. Electric vehicles help reduce environmental impact, save costs, and provide convenience and convenience.

The Comet goes a step further to achieve this goal by offering seamless connected, automatic, electric and shared mobility. Rajeev Chaba, President and CEO of MG Motor India said: As we move further into the digital age, we will see an explosion of innovation, from futuristic technologies to unique designs, clean mobility and more.

At MG, through Comet, we intend to take the important steps and leaps needed to create solutions for a better future for each of us. ”