What is Jio-BP and why’s it creating news in the realm of EV Charginginfra in India?


What is Jio-BP? To many of us, this may seem like a rudimentary example; but truth certainly is, if one were to find a parallel to an electric vehicle and its charger, then it may not be entirely incorrect to think of a smartphone and the mobile phone charger.

The need to plug in when necessary, the amount it takes to charge and the quality of the charger all eventually dictate the way the electric vehicle functions and thus impacts the quality akin to the mobile phone in that regard.

Which is why on the one hand while there’s little surprise that India is speeding the up the development of more electric vehicles (with both global and national players rising to the forefront of the ev revolution), there are also brands that are emerging from different parts of the country to develop electric chargers and fast chargers.

In that regard, one of the most captivating discussion points in the realm of electric vehicle chargers pertains to Jio-BP.

But first things first- what is Jio BP and what does one know about it at this time?

To state in no uncertain terms, Jio BP is an alliance between BP, the British multinational oil and natural gas company and Reliance Industries of India. It is an alliance towards the realm of fuels and mobility, one that is currently pulling headlines from all parts of India

Having said that, here’s why Jio BP alliance is at the forefront of headlines in the world of electric car chargers in the country:

Jio BP have come together to develop what is being touted as a vast electric charging network infrastructure for one of the most renowned international carmakers of them all: France-based Citroen.

Although, the conventional ICE-based models offered by Citroen in India happen to be the C5 Aircross and the new C3 but it is believed that in due course of time, Citroen will also offer pure electric vehicles in the country.

That being said, it is being said that in the next quarter of 2023, Citroen is planning to come up with the new Citroen e-C3, the company’s first all-electric drive.

Moreover, here’s what Jio BP happened to share in a joint statement towards the emphatic new development:

“Jio-BP will install DC fast chargers across Citroen’s key dealership network and workshops across the country in phases.

These chargers will also be open to the entire universe of EV car customers to help boost EV adoption among consumers.”

Furthermore, it is important to note:

Jio-b currently operates a rapidly expanding network of EV charging and swapping stations under the Jio-bp pulse brand. 

But all of that said, the alliance between two of the most irrefutably powerful players in the oil and gas and infra sector is actually visionary in that together Jio-BP are driven to create India’s largest EV charging network, something that may not exactly be a tall claim but a goal scaled nicely over time!