What’s the latest Tesla development you need to know about?


Tesla’s Development: It is the world’s most famous car brand, at least, as of now. As a matter of fact, more than being just a car brand, it’s already a legacy. Those who drive it, adore it. Those who don’t, consider it as a definite aspiration. If there was an equation, of sorts, then it would seem something like this: Musk= Tesla and owning a Telsa= is a must!

That said, there’s never a dull day in the world of Tesla.

And yet, at a time where much of the world has already geared up for an all-encompassing pure-electric future, it seems that Tesla’s found another interesting way to remain in the news.

So what’s that all about and what are we talking about here?

Truth be told, the biggest piece of news in the realm of EV in the last 48 hours is that Tesla has slashed the car prices in not one but several countries.

Not only will one find an affordable Tesla on the roads in Australia, but also in South Korea, Japan as well as Singapore.

Again, these are markets that are primed to go even more strongly towards the Ev route.

But that being said, what do we know more about this interesting piece of development from the Tesla stable?

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Here’s what a recent news report on the Business Standard had to say on the said development:

The automaker’s website showed the price cuts on the Model 3 and Model Y, ranging between 6 per cent and 20 per cent on the prices that were held before the discount.

This comes after the company announced another round of price cuts in China earlier this month. The starting price for the China-made Model Y sports utility vehicle (SUV) has been slashed to 259,900 yuan ($37,875) from 288,900 yuan, according to the company’s Chinese website. That’s a record low for China and 43 per cent cheaper than the $65,900 starting price listed on Tesla’s US website.

The Model 3 goes to 229,900 yuan from 265,900 yuan, about 30 per cent cheaper than in the US.

But all of that said, what’s interesting is to observe whether one of the world’s most admired car companies will now experience rocketing car sales? Surely, whether it is the Model S, the Model Y or the insanely popular Model 3, Tesla will hope to pull more magnetically towards it than never before with this captivating piece of development.